Nov 18, 2022 • 56M

Biden Meets Xi in Bali and the PRC Calculus on Ukraine

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Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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The meeting between US and Chinese delegations at the G-20, the political and structural challenges that may complicate efforts to rebuild the US-China relationship, varied interests underlying the PRC's recent statements about the invasion of Ukraine, Justin Trudeau's tense exchange with Xi, and controversial thoughts on moon cakes. 

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Biden-Xi meeting; Surging cases test of optimized Covid measures; Real estate rescue -- Sinocism 

Biden-Xi meeting; Covid controls; Xi at the G-20; Ukraine -- Sinocism

China Won’t Be Able to Attack Taiwan in Near Future, US General Milley Says -- Bloomberg 

Emboldened Xi Jinping steps back on to world stage with G20 summit -- Financial Times 

U.S. Official Says China Is Uncomfortable With Russia’s Rhetoric, Activity in Ukraine -- Wall St. Journal  

Biden's New Cold War Against China Could Backfire -- New York Magazine

Video of Xi Jinping and Justin Trudeau at the G-20 summit -- @debiedwarditv 

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