Nov 4, 2022 • 2M

Preview: The State of Dynamic Zero-COVID and Reactions to that ProPublica Report

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Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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COVID lockdowns at Foxconn and elsewhere in China, a survey of the near-daily rumors of a looming policy change, glimpses of what these policies have meant for Chinese citizens, and reactions to the latest report seeking clarity as to COVID-19’s origins. 

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Rumors of change in Covid policies; Lockdowns; Two Establishes 两个确立 vs. Two Upholds 两个维护 — [Sinocism]

Xi's message to the PRC's youth; Busy week of foreign visitors; Covid lockdowns — [Sinocism]

Workers flee China’s Covid restrictions at Foxconn’s largest iPhone factory — [Financial Times]

Coronavirus: Chinese authorities race to contain new waves of ‘dire and complicated’ outbreaks — [South China Morning Post]

‘We’re on That Bus, Too’: In China, a Deadly Crash Triggers Covid Trauma — [New York Times]

Young Chinese Are Despairing of a Zero-COVID Future — [Foreign Policy]

Chinese city accused of ‘performative lockdown lifting’ — [The Guardian]

"A Chinese business consultant in a Ted-style talk justified zero-Covid policy by saying that in 10 years the West will be brought to its knees b/c long-Covid" — Twitter: @YanzhongHuang

Visitors to Shanghai Disneyland were blocked from leaving the compound as Chinese authorities imposed a snap lockdown —

COVID-19 Origins: Investigating a “Complex and Grave Situation” Inside a Wuhan Lab — [ProPublica]